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How to Make Your Office Functional and Awesome Looking

Modern day businesses are keen on making the interior design that they use in their offices add to the corporate branding. Multinational companies tend to spend millions of dollars to get the right look in their corporate businesses spaces. Even smaller businesses now have a dedicated budget solely meant to be spent on interior decoration of offices, and on their maintenance. "Why?"

Offices are practically the first point of contact for you and your potential customers. Hence it is extremely important to decorate your office in such a way that it is warm, welcoming and professional, as well as that it has a bit of an informal touch. It would also need to reflect your business culture.

Office interiors should also have a strong emphasis on a positive business attitude. The first impression that the customer gets by looking at your office will help you a long way in turning him or her into a long term client.

Following are some tips to make your office look even better and leave an indelible impression on the visitor's mind:

Let your office speak of your business:

This is one of the most important things that you need to consider before remodeling your office. The interior should reflect the business you are in and how you go about your business. The colors chosen for your office should complement the kind of business that you deal with. For example, the colors in the office of a doctor are altogether different to the ones chosen in the office of an lawyer. In short, let your office speak well of your business!

Use comfortable office furniture that will be a pleasure to sit on. This is good both for meetings and for your day to day work, as furniture that is not ergonomic will tense up your muscles instead of helping you relax.


Decorate your office walls with colorful paintings and photographs. This should reflect your taste, but it is advisable that they do not support any particular community or religion, nor should they reflect extreme themes such as violence.

Eco friendly plants:

Decorate your office with as many plants as possible. These could be flower pots or hanging gardens that are capable of adding that extra bit of positive atmosphere to your office. Adding plants to your office will not only make it look natural and eco friendly, but will also fill the surrounding with positivity. And do not forget to have a flower pot filled with colorful fresh flowers on your desk. It will help soften the professional look of your office a bit and make the visitor feel at ease.

Water Fountains:

These are yet another important addition that can make your office reception more welcoming. The sound of the water provides a soothing effect on both you and your customers while they are waiting to meet you. This will also elevate the look of the reception if placed at an appropriate place.


Using aquariums filled with colorful fish and stunning stones will give your office have an increased visual appeal and make it stand out.

Adding a specific look that reflects your tastes not only help you to get the best first impression from your potential customers, but will also help you in raising the spirits of the people working in the office.