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The Average Cost of Cosmetic Surgeries

Climbing price of plastic surgery

In the last 10 years, the costs of plastic surgery have raised about 20%. This mostly has to do with new laws and regulations in the industry itself have forced the minimum cost of each surgery up. Specifically with implants, the newer and safest implants available are also a lot more expensive then there older cousins, forcing the cost up again. You will find that most cosmetic surgeries are still cheap when compared to any medical surgery.

Negotiating the cost

Typically, the cost is negotiated with the cosmetic surgeon and the salesmen, meaning that these rates are flexible and that you may be able to get discounts depending on how busy they are. Try to stay away from major holidays or when people would get off of work, such as the middle of winter and the middle of the summer. You'll also find the cost differs depending on location; you can often save hundreds of dollars if you are willing to drive for two hours to a less expensive location. When I take an example surgeon who works in multiple places, his Malibu cosmetic surgeries are much more expensive than his Bakersfield or Fresno surgeries. People who are familiar with this fact will travel to his Bakersfield location, and then rent a hotel in the area for a day or two, which can save them thousands of dollars (and is why he shows where you can get a hotel in the area on his website). If you were hoping to get insurance to help you, you'll probably find that this is not an option. Typically, cosmetic surgery is not covered for by any degree by insurance, unless it's affecting your health directly or is causing you pain.

Cost of surgery on average

These costs reflect the Average cost in the United States, and include the cost of surgery, anesthesia, medications, hospital fees, and other medical expenses, so there shouldn't be any surprises on the cost here, and give you a fairly accurate estimate. Again, remember, this is discussed with the surgeon and the consultant, and they may come up with a very different price then here. Make sure to shop around to get the best prices- in fact giving the impression that you are shopping around might even get you a cheaper initial price. You can find a better description of all the procedures at this procedure list.

Abdominoplasty aka Tummy Tuck (Average Cost $5500)

A tummy tuck is when they take loose skin on your torso, and then tighten it to the rest of your body. This is done after someone gives birth or someone loses a dramatic amount of weight. The skin on the body can also loosen naturally because of aging. A more specific lift is also not uncommon- such as on the thighs or the arms, and these tend to be much cheaper (something along the lines of $2500).

Breast Augmentation (Average Cost $4500)

A breast augmentation is an enhancing of the breast in size and/or shape. Typically it involves breast implants inserted under the muscle or breast tissue to help the size and asymmetry of the breast.

Breast Lift (Average Cost $4500)

A breast lift is a tightening of the skin around the breast area. Since this requires more delicate precision then most places on the body, it's reflected in the price. Often times the nipple it will have to be reconstructed and reattached. Depending on the severity, this procedure can actually be cheaper or more expensive than the average.

Breast Reduction (Average Cost $5500)

Current breast reduction includes a type of liposuction and a small amount of the unwanted breast tissue will be cut away and discarded. Anesthesia is also typically used while most others use a different type of sedation are used. This helps raise the price of the procedure, but when you are removing portions of living tissue it is currently required.

Facelift (Average Cost $7000)

A facelift is the tightening of the skin around the face. This typically happens naturally with aging, the skin loses its elasticity and begins to wrinkle and sag. The tightening of the skin will help you look younger and healthier. Generally speaking, this procedure does only cover about two-thirds of the face, as it does not also include the brow region of the face (which can use a cheaper and non-surgical option to fix the issue).

Hair Transplantation (Average Cost $6000)

There are actually a large amount of different hair procedures which makes this one a little bit harder to explain or find a good range. Typically, they will take portions of the body that are still growing hair, and move it to a place where hair has receded. This at best typically will allow a decent amount of thin hair to grow in the new area. The grafts are held in place by clotting blood. Typically, after a few months, its hard to tell the difference between grafted hair and naturally growing hair.

Liposuction (Average Cost $3000)

Liposuction is the removal of fat from the body. It's typically desired that it's actually a small amount of fat from specific portions of the body. In more intense version of liposuction, large amounts of fat are removed from the body, and then a tummy tuck is also used to tighten the skin back to the body.

Lower Body Lift (Average Cost $8000)

A body lift is a more intense version of a tummy tuck. When there is extreme weight loss on the body (typically between 60 to 320 lbs), the body life is performed to tighten the skin around the belly, hips, back, and buttocks (and often the outer thighs). This is also often done with some spot liposuction to help make sure the body looks as good as possible.

Rhinoplasty (Average Cost $4500)

Rhinoplasty uses techniques to reshape the nose. Because of the low cost and the permanent results, this has gotten to be one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the United States. The procedure does also have some limitations, but typically people get the results they are looking for. This procedure is often done in conjunction with a chin augmentation to make sure the face stay harmonious amongst the rest of the facial structures.