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Cosmetic Surgery Numbers Continue to Grow

Cosmetic surgery is a still growing business despite the recent recession the whole world has experienced and may still be experiencing.  This medical field has indeed grown and developed so much since the discovery by Sushruta, otherwise known as the father of Surgery, in India.

From the time of the Romans when plastic surgery was only performed to do accident repairs or inborn defects and when peoples response was a cold shoulder shrug, cosmetic surgery has evolved greatly in the modern times.  Today, it is now done for aesthetic purposes and reconstructive or medical purposes and is more widely embraced by our generation.

As per the numbers gathered by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of cosmetic procedures done during 2010 increased by nearly 9%.  This figure totals to more than 1.6 million cosmetic procedures done in the United States as of 2010 only.

From the 1.6 million cosmetic procedures done, 8 million procedures were minimally invasive procedures, the rest of which accounts for the noninvasive procedures.  The list toppers for the surgical procedures most commonly done are: breast augmentation, liposuction, eyelid surgery, abdominoplasty, and breast reduction.

Why There is an Increasing Number of Cosmetic Procedures Being Done Today

Unknown to many who have never had a cosmetic surgery, the biggest advantage that a person gets from it is the psychological aspect.  As people criticize those who have undergone plastic surgery, for the person himself, nothing can beat the new-found self-esteem and confidence.

Aesthetics cosmetic surgery consists of the procedures usually done to change something in a persons body to make it look less like it and more of what the person wants.  Reconstructive surgery consists of the procedures done to restore something that has been altered most probably due to a certain event, accident, may even be due a congenital defect.  These two forms of cosmetic surgery help a person build more confidence in oneself.

Confidence can help a person go way far whether in personal relationships or in ones career goals. This is one thing that cannot be faked in this world today.  Confidence emanates naturally once the person has it.  It glows and it shows on the way we interact with people.  It adds a big plus factor in our socialization process.

It is not a secret that each of us has our own physical insecurities.  These insecurities coming from our physical aspects usually hinder us from exploring the world more for fear that people will notice and will criticize us. 

It is true that the world has gone crazy being beauty addicts and some even reaching for perfection.  As this could be the not-so-good side of plastic surgery, it only turns sour when the surgeries become too many that it is not just a part you would want to change but everything.

What You Need to Know About ASAPS

ASAPS is a global organization for cosmetic surgery and education and research that was founded in 1967.  The organization consists of members around the world mainly from Canada, US and 32 other countries. 

They are responsible for the survey results that projected the national data on the number of cosmetic procedures done in the year 2010.

A known member of this organization is Dr. Daniel Man of Boca Raton, Florida who was named “The Renaissance Man” by Plastic Surgery Products Magazine.  He holds patent for an implantable homing device and is the creator of The Vertical Bed and the Man Facelift Expander.

Trusted and world-renowned plastic surgeons like Dr. Man makes this industry even more successful than it already is.  They are able to gain the trust of people from all over the world who want a shot in improving themselves.  In todays modern world, cosmetic surgery is affordable, safe, and efficient in various ways that benefits the person.

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