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How Much Does a Home Security System Cost?

According to the FBI, the most common property crime in 2010 was larceny-theft, which accounted for 62% of property crimes. The total number of property crimes reported was over 9 million. What does this mean for you? Even though the statistics show the crime rates have dropped, it still means that homeowners are at risk. Add to the fact that your home is also at risk for loss from fire and other catastrophes and you can see how high the potential is that something could happen to your home and family. For this reason, you should look into home security prices to make sure your home and your family members are protected from harm. 

Understanding the various types of home alarm systems can be a little confusing. Each system will have its own components that will help to keep your home and family safe. The following are just a few of the different elements of an alarm system that you will find available:

Fire System

The fire system will basically include two different components-smoke detectors and heat detectors. These particular alarms do not have to be activated and will be wired onto a zone that is active 24/7. When a smoke detector or heat detector actually goes off, it will alarm your family to the potential threat of a fire so you and your family can get out quickly. If your system is monitored by a security company, when the alarm is received, they may call the home to verify whether there is a fire before contacting your local fire department.

Burglar Alarm

There are also several different components to a burglar alarm system. Depending on your needs, you may have surveillance cameras, a door-open alarm, motion detectors, and glass-break sensors on your windows. When the system is activated, it would alert you and the security company to a possible break in. Again, if your system is being monitored by a security company, you will have the option for them to contact the local authorities with any alarm received. 

Mechanical Alarms

For businesses or homes with mechanical equipment, such as freezers and generators, mechanical alarms will help to protect them. Low and high temperature alarms will help to keep frozen items safe. You may even want an alarm set up for your generator, so if it fails, you can be aware no matter where you are located. 

You will find that all of the components above will be available in two different types of home alarm systems. 

  • Hardwired or Wireless System: When a system is hardwired, the system will be physically wired to a control station. A wireless system will operate on batteries and wireless sensors. 

Along with the choice of a hardwired or wireless system, you will have another option.

  • Monitored or Unmonitored System: As stated previously, in a system that is monitored, all alarms will be monitored by the security company. If an alarm is received, they will follow the protocol you have set up, whether it is to contact you or the proper authorities. In an unmonitored system, you would only know if an alarm was set off if you were home or your neighbors contacted you about the noise. 

There are many different manufacturers of alarm systems and each one will charge different home security costs. ADT, Honeywell, and Broadview are all well-known in the industry for offering quality systems at some of the most reasonable prices. 

When choosing your system, you may feel a little overwhelmed with all of the options available to you. What you must do is sit down with a professional in the business to help you determine what your needs are and which components will best protect your home or business. One of the largest decisions you will have is whether to go with a monitored or unmonitored system. The cost of monitoring a system varies, but it is generally in the vicinity of $25 a month. 

Home security prices will also vary from one manufacturer to another.

ADT offers several different alarm system packages to their customers. A $99 package (cost after using a $250 rebate) will include a hardwired system with 2 window sensors, 1 motion detector, and 1 sounder alarm that will alert you to smoke detectors going off. If you want to have your system monitored, there will be additional monthly costs of approximately $35.99. 

An advanced security and surveillance system from Honeywell could cost as much as $1,800 or more. Again, the different components needed to protect your home or business is going to determine the actual cost of the system you choose. 

If you are searching for a security system and you are worried about home security costs, you must learn how to comparison shop. The fact is that there are many great manufacturers available to you. What you must do is determine what type of system you want and what you want it to do. Once you have defined your needs, you can further determine how much the system is going to cost you.