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How Much Does a Fire Alarm System Cost?

A fire suppression system for your business includes a security fire sprinkler and security fire alarm that provides a safe and cost effective method of fire protection. Sprinkler system costs for your business fire suppression system involves general costs per square foot and this cost includes all equipment and installation.

File Alarm System Prices for Your Company

There are several file alarm system prices that are included with your general construction costs and these standard expenses can run from $1 to $2 per square foot. Small businesses or homeowners can spend several thousand dollars for a fire suppression system and large corporations have additional costs for their locations that can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are several factors that help to determine your final fire suppression cost.

Sprinkler System Costs and What Is Included

Sprinkler system costs for your company location include a general construction price that runs from $1 to $2 a square foot and this price includes the equipment used for your company fire sprinkler and the cost of installing your business security fire alarm. There are additional costs that can be included in the final price and these additional costs can involve the following:

  • Your building may need a construction service called retrofitting and this construction service means that the security equipment may need to be fitted to your existing building. Retrofitting can be more expensive since there are complex processes required to perform this type of construction or upgrade. Retrofitting can cost from $2 to $7 per square foot.
  • High rise buildings that need retrofitting can run from $2 to $4 per square foot for adapting the security fire sprinkler or security fire alarm to your particular construction location.
  • Historic buildings can cost more to secure with a fire sprinkler or an alarm system and this expense can cost from $10 or more per square foot to retrofit. This additional building cost occurs when there are strict design standards to meet for the historic building's aesthetic requirements.
  • Insurance companies often offer discounts for building or home owners that install fire sprinklers and fire alarms.

Fire Alarm Systems and Your Building's Security

Automatic fire sprinklers are heat activated when a fire event occurs. Your security fire sprinkler is connected to water pipes that are pressurized and these water sources are activated when the temperature in your office is raised above a certain degree, for example. A sprinkler for your particular office can be used and this does not mean that all of the sprinklers in the building need to be used to stop a fire event. The sprinklers or fire alarms that detect the excessive heat in your office location will be activated and the necessary water supply will be used. 

Cost of Your Fire Alarm

The cost of your fire alarm is important and we provide a quote that you can use to decide about your security needs. We specialize in alarm sprinkler systems and we have several references that we can provide you during your decision making process. Sprinkler systems are critical for the safety of your employees and the security of your business. Stopping a fire event can eliminate smoke inhalation injuries to your employees, for example. Fire alarm sprinkler systems prevent property damage and help to keep fires contained in an area. Containing a fire can prevent a fire's damage from spreading to other building locations until the fire department is able to arrive.

Regulations for Your Building

There are building codes that are used to install commercial and residential sprinklers. We check with your local construction and building agencies and provide you with a fire suppression system that meets the rules of your location. There are various building codes that apply to each type of location and the following businesses have there own rules and regulations:

  • Retail stores have standard fire suppression system laws that apply for each merchant within a group of commercial stores. We research and follow each type of construction regulation and receive a building permit before we begin any kind of construction for you.
  • Commercial offices can have a separate set of fire prevention rules and we research each type of location before beginning your construction needs.
  • Industrial and manufacturing companies are governed by a separate set of rules as well.
  • Education buildings are built with certain fire prevention standards and exit routes need to be addressed, for example.
  • Health care buildings need to be completed with patient and employee safety in mind.
  • Government buildings will need certain contract demands and deadlines met in order to be compliant with the regulations within a certain jurisdiction.
  • A fire suppression system for your home may need aesthetic and architectural considerations.


The cost of fire suppression system equipment and installation includes several factors. The standard cost for completing a security fire sprinkler or a security fire alarm for your home or office runs around $1 to $2 per square foot for your particular location requirements. There are additional expenses that may need to be added for retrofitting pre existing buildings or retrofitting historic buildings, for example. The cost of a commercial fire alarm and sprinkler system can more that pay for itself when your system effectively detects and stops a fire event.