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Office Coffee Services for Management Leverage

At work coffee drinking is encouraged by management as they believe it will increase productivity and morale. Sixty five percent of office workers drink coffee at the office.(while at our company - writing-job-online.com it's 90%!). On an average a worker consumes three cups of coffee per day. The majority of them say it helps them make it through the day, because it helps them to focus and to increase productivity.

Drinking coffee also helps strengthen office culture. The interaction and bonding between co workers now takes place largely over coffee. The majority of office workers report that they have interesting and helpful conversations with their colleagues, or their managers, over coffee in the office at the coffee maker.

The traditional coffee pot is still the most used coffee making system in offices. Over fifty percent of offices use this method. At the same time this way of making coffee has led to conflict and irritation between workers. Usually because of either an employee not refreshing the coffee pot when it is empty, or by leaving a mess behind when making a cup of coffee.

To overcome this many companies use simple one cup coffee systems which brew from sealed, single use packs. This allows each person to easily brew their own cup of coffee without leaving behind a mess. It also has allowed the office workers to have a variety of choice. They can brew their own coffee brands, espresso, cappuccino, and tea without having to leave the office.

There are other options available to offices regarding coffee supply. Vending machines are available which can supply the employees with a cup of coffee by the simple pressing of a button. These machines can dispense coffee, cappuccino, drinking chocolate and even soup. They usually use disposable cups.

Many coffee vendors will provide coffee machines free of charge. Once it is placed in the workplace the vendor undertakes to ensure the supplies are readily available. Apart from regular deliveries; if the office runs out of any items then all it takes is a click online, and the vendor will immediately dispatch what is required.

A coffee service is important to improve the work environment. Workers who drink coffee during the day to keep productive need the assurance that the service is available to them and this motivates them. Offices that do not have a coffee service end up with their staff leaving the premises several times a day to go to the nearest coffee shop. Supplying coffee in the office results in greater productivity, efficiency, and better morale. Management and staff can drink coffee at work and enjoy the aroma of fresh brewed coffee when fatigued. If the coffee is supplied free of charge by the employers this will further inspire the worker and improve production.