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Promote Employee Health With Pure, Refreshing Water

Pretty much everyone knows that drinking six to eight glasses of water per day is good for overall health. It helps you to avoid dehydration, keeping you sharp and it can ward off hunger, helping you to stay fit. It also helps to purify your body and clean out any toxins, which is important in a society where people take in way too much unhealthy food and other unhealthy substances.

By utilizing a UV water purifier in your office, you’ll give your employees the opportunity to really improve their health by getting enough water every day during the workweek. Here are some added benefits.

1.     Purity Improves Taste

Water that is purified of chlorine and other contaminants tastes better, as it has that crisp, clean, refreshing taste that everyone imagines when they have a glass of water.

As a result, your employees will be more interested in returning to the water cooler for additional drinks throughout the day. The more they drink, the more they can benefit.

2.     Cut Costs By Saving on Water and Healthcare Costs

If you utilize an office water cooler that has a built in purifier, you can save money over the alternatives. Buying bottled water can add up in a hurry and buying huge jugs of water for your water cooler is also a cost that is simply unnecessary when you have running water in your office.

With a purifier, you can turn your tap water into clear, wonderfully refreshing water. Not only does that save you money, but it makes the whole process simpler.

In addition, getting your employees drinking more water and improving their health can lower the risk of health problems in your pool and reduce healthcare costs for your company.

3.     Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

If you are an environmentally conscious company then this could be a big advantage. If you do not have to truck in bottled water or replacement jugs of water for your office water cooler, you are reducing traffic on the roads and minimizing your carbon footprint.

In addition, you won’t be using plastic bottles of water that end up in landfills and have to be made in the first place. By encouraging your employees to re-fill non-disposable mugs and cups, you’ll be taking another step to reduce waste and protect the environment.

4.     Make Life Simpler

No longer will you have to carry a huge jug of water over to the cooler and worry about getting it seated. That saves some wear and tear on your back, or on an employees’ back, and makes for one less distraction over the course of your day or week, depending on how many employees you have and how often the water cooler empties out.

If you’re simply refilling it through your running water and filtering it, the process is streamlined.


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