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Absopure Water Company is proud to announce the release of the all-new environmentally friendly Eco-Pak. The Absopure Natural Spring Water Eco-Pak bottles are made from recycled bottles - with each bottle containing a minimum 10% recycled content. The Eco-Pak encourages the use of recycled materials and promotes community and curbside recycling - important initiatives that Absopure is taking to help protect our environment. It may come as a surprise, but until recently, no water company used recycled plastics in their packaging. However, recycling has been a top priority for Absopure since 1988 when they established their recycling affiliate Clean Tech. That made Absopure the first bottled water company to recycle its own plastic water bottles. Clean Tech is now responsible for recycling over 3 billion plastic bottles per year and is one of the country's largest plastic bottle recyclers. This commitment to recycling has led to not only the successful inception of the Eco-Pak bottle, but has also created hundreds of Michigan jobs. From the two Michigan Clean Tech facilities, to Absopure's bottle manufacturer (also in Michigan), to the Absopure bottling centers, and the Absopure Home and Office direct delivery group. Added to that, the direct delivery group will now offer direct pick-up of empty Absopure water bottles from their customers for recycling. Absopure and the Eco-pak are closing the bottled water recycling loop and creating green jobs for a stronger Michigan. Founded in Michigan in 1908, Absopure has been delivering quality bottled water for over 100 years. Absopure's Natural Spring Water comes from a deep protected source near the Irish hills of Michigan. Absopure is committed to the proper stewardship of this precious and delicious resource as well as the environment that supports it. Absopure believes its Natural Spring Water is one of the best values in refreshment for those seeking a natural, healthier lifestyle.

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