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If you are thinking of sinking some cash into getting your foot in the considerably large door known as the logistics business, then you could do far worse than consider house removals as your chosen trade. This article will uncover some useful facts regarding this flourishing business and hopefully help you to see the bigger picture – enjoy!

 The Basics

Even though we are still stuck in the tail end of a considerable recession, people are still buying houses and need some help with moving. Whether they are downsizing or realising their dreams, families will keep marching onwards and upwards, it just takes a little longer in these times. House removal companies look after at least 80% of the moving activity and this has become a substantial branch of worldwide logistics. Work is plentiful and if you really want to capitalize from this kind of work, you should think about setting your very own business.

Who Can Start a Removal Business?

As with any type of business, you will be best prepared if you have some experience of house removals prior to joining the fray. Probably 5-10 years involvement as a house removal worker will be enough to meet those requirements, but there are other aspects of this business that also need addressing. It also helps if you can deal with stressed customers, because this activity is right up there with getting married and having children!


You would be best advised to brush up on your business studies and look very carefully into Health & Safety issues. This type of work is very physical and injuries can be very harmful, both to the workers and to your business. Find out who the governing body for furniture removals are in your country and seek their advice before sinking your money into anything.

Research Matters

You really need a decent business plan to cover all aspects of this type of operation, and that requires some research on your part. As well as the logistics/transport side of things, there will be marketing, legal and administrative bases to cover. House removals is a very competitive trade, ensure that you find a patch that avoids stepping on others toes. Hold extensive interviews for the best staff possible and make sure you have some sound experience onboard.

Is It Lucrative?

Setup costs depend on the size of your operation, trucks are not cheap and staff wages need to be factored into the overall scheme of things. You will also need sizeable premises with a decent location as well. That said, you can expect some nice profits after you have met the initial costs, but you need to have a great marketing campaign to match your enthusiasm. A 15% profit from your typical daily job is probably the correct turnover you will be looking at. A smaller operation could be achieving a higher profit because the overheads involved will be less and you can reflect this in your charges as well.

Good Luck!

Hopefully these facts will have given any aspiring house removal businesspeople a decent insight into this interesting and varied trade – Good Luck!

The author of this post, Michael Philip, is an avid blogger and works for AMJ Campbell, well-known moving company in Toronto. Michael is a vintage car enthusiast and likes sharing his opinions via blogging.