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Tips On Maintaining Your Swimming Pools And Spas

If you find that your skin feels dry or your eyes burn, it could be a symptom that you have not been maintaining your pool well. If your water is not as clear as it should be, you also ought to be alarmed. There are a few steps that you ought to follow when maintain your swimming pools and spas.

To begin with, it is imperative that you ensure that the levels of chlorine in your swimming pool are kept under check. This should ideally be about 1 to 3 ppm ( parts per million). You should ensure that chlorine is continuously added to your swimming pool. This is because it helps kill the harmful organisms in your swimming pool. Since the chlorine is consumed in fighting these microorganisms, it has to be replenished from time to time. Although it has to be added to the water gradually, it must not be dumped in the water as this may have a lot of adverse effects. Consider using automatic or floating chlorine feeders because these are the best for keeping the water gradually and safely chlorinated.

Keeping Numbers in Check

You should ensure that the pH of your swimming pool is kept in check. The pH is the baseness or the acidity of your pool water. The best pH levels are the ones that are between 7.6 and 7.8. If the pH is too low, the water gets corrosive. This may cause a lot of harm to your body as well as the pool equipment. If you see scales building up on your tiles, know that the pH of your swimming pool is too high. If the pH levels are off-balance, the water may also ruin your sanitizers. This is because a lot of chlorine is going to be needed to keep your swimming pool clean.

The calcium hardness of your swimming pool should also be monitored at least once every year. Excessive calcium not only triggers corrosiveness but also causes cloudiness and ugly build-up in you swimming pool, making it rather unsightly. Make sure that your calcium level is between 150 and 250. It however is not difficult changing the calcium levels of your pool if they are off-balance. Take samples of your swimming pool water to a professional and let him or her advice you accordingly. You also may contact the local water company and ask them to help you ascertain the hardness of your water.

Taking care of Your Home Spa

Just like your swimming pool, it is imperative to ensure that your home spa is also properly maintained. Whether yours is a fire glass or caveat spa, the following tips are supposed to guide you in maintaining your home spa without much trouble.

One of the first steps while maintaining your home spa is checking the water from time to time to see how it looks like. Ensure that you have between 1 and 5ppm of either chlorine or bromine, depending on the kind of sanitizers you go for. The pH should also range from 7.2 to 7.8, with the most advisable being 7.4. The level of calcium hardness should be between 125 and 400 ppm.

Make use of the eco-mode and ensure that your thermometer is about 101 to 104 degrees Celsius. Do these settings about half an hour before you go to the shower so as to save energy. Make use of test strips at least 2 times every other week. Adjust the chemical levels regularly. This is an art and not science. It should be pretty easy to do after you are used to doing it.

Ensure that the water of your spa is changed every four to six months depending on how frequently the spa is used, as well as it looks at the moment. Make sure that the cover of your spa fits tightly so that heat is not easily lost but preserved. The cover has to be well insulated so as to cut down on the energy bills. Condition your hot tub cover at least once in a month. This helps it stay in a good condition for long since it is protected from outdoor elements such as sunlight and other harsh weather conditions.

In a nutshell, swimming pools and spas ought to be maintained regularly for them to stay in a good and useful condition. Negligence not only hinders their effective utility but can also occasion tremendous losses.


Phil Smith loves to write about pools and spas. He believes that at the end of a hard day’s work, one must know how to relax by enjoying the advantages of a swimming pool and spa. He is presently connected with Palm Pools and Spa and enjoys swimming during free time.