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Not Your Usual Roof - Unique Roofing Options You May Not Have Considered

Slate. Wood. Asphalt. Terra cotta. Metal. These are just some of the options available when it comes to roofing. If you are a home-owner, you would think that these are all the choices you have—after all, these are the most commonly used. But in reality, you have other, more unconventional choices, some of which you may not have thought to use as roofing. If you are willing to forgo traditional for something more unusual in terms of roofing, consider the choices below. You'd be delighted to know that all of these are environment-friendly.


If you love plants and want to have a truly eco-friendly roof, why not opt for a living roof? Also known as a green roof, a living roof is basically one made of living plants. However, vegetation is not the only thing placed atop your home. Beneath the plants are several layers, including: structural support, vapour control, insulation, waterproof and drainage layers, as well as filters.

With this kind of roof, you can significantly reduce energy costs. The waterproof membrane that holds the soil and vegetation cools in a natural way, cooling the home or building in the process. Water run-off also has a cooling effect. Of course, the plants release oxygen into the air.

Milk jugs

Green roofing is a great idea, but it is complicated to set up. If you want an environment-friendly option that is simpler to install, consider other sustainable materials. One of the materials worth considering are milk jugs.

Believe it or not, items such as milk jugs can do more than just store milk—these can also help protect your home. There are roofing materials that are made from recycled milk bottles and jugs, and they prove to be more advantageous than those made of metal or wood. This is because plastic shingles resist bacteria, chemicals and moisture. Also, the plastic can be transformed into any shape.

If you opt for milk jug roof shingles, you reduce not only waste but also greenhouse gases (because new materials need not be made).


Another item recycled to use as a roofing option are tires. Often found in junk yards, these are a great material to use for roofing for a number of reasons. First, rubber shingles are lightweight, but they are durable and can endure strong winds. Second, they do a good job of insulating a home. Moreover, tires have a Class A fire rating, which means they are quite resistant to fire.

You need not worry about aesthetics: roof shingles made from recycled tires don't look unusual or anything out of the ordinary. It is possible your neighbours or passers-by won't even suspect your roof is made from tires.

It is important to note that while roofing made from recycled tires is essentially a good idea, it would be best for you to do without it if you live in a place with a warmer climate. If you live in an area that gets a lot of sun, opt for rubber membrane roofing instead.


The article found above was penned by Mollie Fitzgerald. She, who is currently contributing articles for www.homecoatings.co.uk, is a full-time writer who loves writing about topics related to homes and home improvement.