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Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Solar Installation Company

The Australian solar market has many companies providing solar panel solutions. The Clean Energy Council together with the Office of Renewable Energy Regulator have set up tough guidelines to protect the consumers. Tested and approved inverters and solar panels are sold in Australia. Consumers can be reassured that the products they purchase are of good quality. However, the Australian consumers have to contend with the search for the best solar panel installers. This is the most difficult task that home or business owners have to deal with. The following five tips should help you find the best installer for your panels.

A Visit to Your Home

The first thing that you should expect from a solar installation company is a visit to your home or premise. You can only get the best installation from a company that takes time to assess the suitability of your property for a solar solution. Proper installation can be done once an assessment of your property is made. If a company does not even bother to visit, then you should contact another company.

All Under One Roof

An ideal solar panel installation company provides a one-stop shopping experience for its clients. The majority of solar installation companies using the one-stop shopping principle offer more than just the separate components required for the installation. They should also provide the entire system and the personnel to install them. These firms offer components that are carefully designed to work together in a more effective and efficient manner.

Business Reputation

A good solar installation company should have an excellent reputation. A reputation that guarantees the quality of workmanship offered by the company is likely to supersede everything else about the company. All the companies' projects should be carefully planned, and the employees working in your premise or home should be insured. In terms of the company’s reputation, you should consult the authorities in charge of the permits for a more detailed review.

After-Sales Service

The relationship between you and the installation company should not end once the installation is complete. A good installation company provides you with after-sales service, and they are expected to visit your home to assess the new system's performance. This should be done after a couple of months following the installation.

Financing Options

Some companies provide financing options for buying solar power systems. This can be a great help if you don't have the funds at hand. Just be wary of the fine print, do your homework and you'll be ok.
Before you select a solar installation company, you should review the tips above. Then take solice in the fact you're helping create a greener future.


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