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Ways for your Company to be more Energy Efficient

With Google jumping on the bandwagon to promote this April’s ‘Earth day’ it is clear that issues of sustainability and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important in the public conscience. This year marked the 43rd Earth day with the name and concept originating in 1969 at a UNESCO conference in San Francisco and the first ‘Earth Day’ occurring on April 22nd 1970. Now Earth day is co-ordinated globally and celebrated in more than 192 countries annually.

Worrying statistics

The WorldWatch Institute blog reported in February of this year that we are currently using the resources of our earth’s capacity by 150%. Alarmingly, as a consequence the ‘Moon Express’ mission was founded in 2011. The team from Moon Express are currently developing robots designed to land on the moon and mine it for its resources. However even if the moon does present an option for our greedy need of resources it is only a matter of time before it too dries up. Instead it is important for us to reduce our current consumption rate and learn how to sustain the resources we do have.

How companies can help

Any company should try and be more energy efficient. One effective way of doing this is to engage with a vendor finance contract. A number of vendor finance providers offer a range of accredited vendor partners who are selected and accredited as being energy efficient. Companies who choose to work with one of these vendor partners will benefit by not only reducing their carbon footprint but also by saving money on electricity and water bills. Examples of the vendor partners include ‘Nickel Energy’ which offers business solutions to control energy efficiency such as LED lighting, and ‘EcoPowerSavers’ which focuses on the development and delivery of energy solutions for companies.

Smart moves for any business

Being sustainable is a smart move towards the future of any business. As the wide-spread promotion of this year’s Earth Day shows, being energy efficient is something that is becoming widely appreciated across the world. A business that is aware of how to be energy-smart will appear favourably in the view of customers and shareholders. Government-funded initiatives are designed to help businesses save on energy bills and become exemplary green companies of the future. 


Sarah Paige is interested in helping companies becoming more energy efficient through options such as vendor finance. She is based in Sydney.