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Everykey Review: The Device That Unlocks Everything

Remembering passwords can be difficult, and losing keys can leave you locked out of your home or vehicle. Nowadays, there is a solution to both problems! Everykey is designed to unlock anything you connect it to, whether it is your online accounts, your devices, or physically locked items! It automatically creates and stores the passwords, and all you need to do is connect Everykey to the device.

You can wear Everykey as a bracelet or have it on a keychain! You do not have to press anything on the Everykey device either. The signal to unlock is sent automatically, and it can work from up to 3 meters away. Bluetooth is used to broadcast it.

It's possible to unlock many types of electronic devices using Everykey. In fact, it is designed for Windows, Android, Macintosh, and Linux systems. It can unlock online accounts using a wide range of different internet browsers. While it can unlock physical locks on your home or vehicle, it also can be designed to unlock other types of physical locks, such as a lock on your bicycle. Everykey lives up to it's name in that it can unlock just about anything!

Everykey Is Built For Security:

Anytime that you are not near the Everykey, your devices use the same security mechanisms that they normally do. This means that only individuals with access to a physical key or password would be able to unlock them.

Everykey is designed with 128 bit encryption. This helps to ensure that the information stored on your Everykey is safe from hackers. In addition, hackers would not be able to pick up on the signal that the device broadcasted and spoof it. The signal sent out by the Everykey device changes every minute.

If your Everykey is lost or stolen, you can deactivate it easily. In fact, it is possible to deactivate your Everykey by calling the company or going online. As soon as you did this, someone who got ahold of your Everykey would not be able to use it to access anything of yours. Without your Everykey, it is immediately possible to go back to using your old passwords and any other keys to have access to physically locked items.

You can get a replacement Everykey device shipped to you extremely quickly. If the device is lost or stolen, a new one will be shipped to you overnight. For those who are replacing a lost or stolen Everykey, the price is significantly discounted.

Charging Everykey:

Everykey devices are built to hold a battery charge for as long as 30 days. When you need to charge your Everykey, it is possible to charge it by using the USB cable that the device comes with. This cable can be connected to a wide range of devices.

How Can Everykey Be Used?

There are different ways that you can use Everykey. While it can be worn on a bracelet or added to your keychain, it also is possible to get Everykey on a device that plugs into your electronics. The device is called a Bluetooth dongle, and it will allow you to unlock the device itself, as well as online accounts.

The bracelets made by Everykey are designed with style in mind. Their design is quite sleek, and it is possible to get them in a variety of colors. You can get them in your choice of black, green, red, baby blue, dark blue, white, or purple.

Everykey is also affordable. It is possible to get the Everykey device itself for 128 dollars, and you can get the accessories that it can be attached to for quite a low price as well. For instance, the Everykey bracelet is available for the low price of only 25 dollars. The Bluetooth Dongle is available for 19 dollars. The Bluetooth keychain is available for only five dollars. Given what Everykey is capable of doing, this is quite an affordable price.

Everykey is a new technology that hasn't fully hit the market yet, but there are pledges being made to get it up and running. You can get a discount on your Everykey by making a pledge to this cause. For a pledge of only 50 dollars, you can get the Everykey bracelet for free along with a 50 dollar discount off the price of the Everykey device itself. You also can pledge 90 dollars for the project. This will get you a discount of 110 dollars off the retail price, and you can get two Everykey bracelets. There are also larger amounts you can pledge, which will give you access to multiple Everykey devices and up to ten bracelets.

Downsides To Using Everykey:

While it is possible to deactivate your Everykey if it gets lost or stolen, it is still possible that someone who got ahold of it could have access to just about everything you own during the short period of time before it is deactivated. If you were not able to deactivate the Everykey immediately, someone could use it to steal many locked items or even gain access to your online banking accounts. However, it is possible to mitigate this downside by using caution regarding what you connected to your Everykey.

The other downside is that Everykey could malfunction just as any other electronic device could. While it is possible to go back to using your old passwords at any time, this could create quite a frustrating situation. It would be particularly frustrating for those who did not have a backup plan if their Everykey stopped working. However, it is also possible to mitigate this by setting up a backup plan just in case Everykey fails.

In addition, Everykey doesn't work on iOS devices unless they are jailbroken. This means that if you have a phone or other device that uses an iOS operating system, you will have to go through the process of jailbreaking it prior to being able to open it with your Everykey. However, if the iOS device is jailbroken, Everykey will work on it just as well as it can with any other device.

Where Can You Get Everykey?

Currently, Everykey can only be pre-ordered online. However, in the future, it can be expected that the device will be available both offline and online. Pledges have raised quite a bit of money for the start up costs of Everykey. The device has also gained a lot of early popularity. This indicates that the endeavor will likely be quite successful.