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TrackR Bravo Review - Thinnest Tracking Device for Lost Items

If you have ever misplaced an item and experienced the frustration of trying to locate it, then you will appreciate the help you can get from TrackR. The lightweight device easily attaches to things like a cell phone, wallet, keys or even a dog. It uses the Crowd GPS Network, which can even help you to locate your lost item from a distant place.

Key TrackR Features

  • Distance indicator
  • Item ringer
  • Phone finder
  • Separation alerts
  • Crowd GPS
  • Wallet-thin design

How the Tracker Works

There are three different versions of TrackR.

Wallet TrackR is a thin plastic the size of a credit card. You can attach the fully-customizable tracker to almost anything or place it inside a wallet; hence its name. StickR TrackR is designed in such a way that it can easily fit into a key ring, and it includes a double-sided adhesive pad for attaching it to almost any other thing. The small plastic disc has a diameter of only 31 mm and thickness of just 3.5 mm. It tapers at the top in a loop where you can attach the included keychain ring. The main difference between StickR TrackR and the latest TrackR Bravo is that bravo is made of anodized aluminum.

The device features an off-center logo at the front with a button below it for pairing it with another Bluetooth device.

When you want to pair TrackR with your cell phone, you turn it on using the button and then scan for it from your phone. Once it appears on your phone, tap it to pair. It pairs easily and maintains a good connection. You need to install the TrackR app on your Android or iPhone Smartphone.

The tracker will remain in constant communication with your Smartphone as long as they both have Bluetooth turned on. They will sound alarms when they get out of range of each another. When you forget your keys, for example, your phone will alert you when you get out of range and vice versa. These are known as separation alerts.

Under ideal conditions, the connection should work within a range of 100 feet, but the phone you use will also determine the distance.

TrackR uses different methods to locate missing items. If you lose an item that is within range, you only need to tap the app on your phone to activate the tracker’s ringer.

The downside is that the alert may be too low for some people, or when you are in a noisy environment. Thankfully, TrackR includes another feature that can help out: the distance indicator. The app on your phone displays the approximate distance between the phone and lost item. You can use it to help you move closer to the item.

What do you do if you have lost your phone instead? This is where the phone finder feature comes in handy. When you press the button on your TrackR device, it will make your phone ring even if you left it in silent mode.

While these features work when you are within range, TrackR has added another feature that lets you locate your lost item wherever it may be in the world! Whenever an item goes missing, the app keeps a record of its last known location. When any other person using the app gets within range of the lost item, you get an update about its location. This is known as Crowd GPS. Do not worry about your privacy, as the feature communicates anonymously with other TrackR users. Of course, another user must be within range of the lost item, which means you are more likely to benefit from it in a city than rural area.

You may activate and deactivate these features depending on your preferences and current circumstances.

TrackR is currently compatible with iOS and Android devices. It uses the standard CR1616 coin battery that you need to replace yearly. You do not need to recharge the battery, but it does not indicate the level to warn you when it is about to die. Never the less, the ability to replace the battery means that you can use the tracker for longer than other devices in the market. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which has low energy consumption.