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Top 5 Suppliers Of Credit Card Machines

Credit card machines are proven to drastically improve a company’s sales revenue. The modern day consumer is not overly enamored with the prospect of carrying around large amounts of cash. They expect every store they visit to be equipped with a credit card machine that speeds up their transactions and allows them to swiftly move on. Although credit card machines are generally inexpensive because credit card processing carries the lion’s share of the cost, it is still prudent to utilize the services of a reliable company. Credit card machines that break down are devastating to a company’s chances of maintaining a good reputation. Here are five credit card machine suppliers that will not leave you stranded.

#5: Merchant Equipment Store

Merchant Equipment Store was founded in 1997 and has enjoyed a high rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for the last four years. This supplier encourages retailers to use only quality equipment and emphasizes their dedication to their clients. Here is further information about their services:

  • No startup fee
  • No hidden charges
  • Huge range of credit card machines
  • Consistently low prices

Merchant Equipment Store offer normal terminals from as little as $180 with wireless terminals on offer for less than $500. Epinions.com is a customer review site with Merchant Equipment Store enjoying a superb 4.5 star rating thus far.

#4: Merchant Supply Depot


This San Francisco based company has been in operation since 1989. They supply credit card machines, cables, batteries and other related credit card equipment that is hard to come by. They use their 20+ years of experience to great effect by assisting new businesses when it comes to payment processing. Their customer service is virtually unequalled. Here is more information about Merchant Supply Depot:

  • No merchant account necessary
  • Wide range of terminals
  • All equipment approved by world’s leading credit card companies
  • Same day shipping

Merchant Supply Depot can be seen as a one-stop shop for all your credit card needs as they provide low cost credit card processing as well as equipment.

#3: 1st National Processing

  1st National Processing is considered to be an industry leader when it comes to the merchant processing industry. This company has more than 15 years experience and in that time, they have established a series of long-term business relationships with some of the world’s foremost merchant banks. This company has:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Dedicated merchant services department
  • A special online service that allows retailers to purchase equipment hassle-free
  • No hidden fees

Their credit card machines are state of the art with options ranging from a humble machine without a printer to complex wireless terminals.

#2: USA Merchant Solutions


USA Merchant Solutions was formed in 2003 with a goal that involved offering low-cost credit card machines and equipment to up and coming businesses. They also deal with credit card processing but companies purchasing equipment off them have no obligation to use these additional services. They also give free merchant account analysis to any company that purchases their equipment. Other information about USA Merchant Solutions includes:

  • Free shipping
  • Manufacturer warranty on all equipment they sell
  • Products shipped within 3 days of purchase

USA Merchant Solutions have serviced more than 100,000 merchants across the United States and encourage their staff to adopt a no-pressure sales approach meaning prospective customers can relax and take their time to browse and see what is on offer.

#1 Credit Card Terminal


As the name suggests, this company specializes in credit card machines with dozens of brands on offer as well as numerous terminal accessories. Credit Card Terminal were formed in 1986 and have received VeriFone’s coveted Certificate of Achievement which proves that they are a Certified Sales Representative. Only a handful of other companies can boast this achievement. Here is further information pertaining to their products and services:

  • They offer trade-ins on old credit card equipment
  • Same day shipping
  • They sell specialized equipment such as plastic shields, spindles and check imagers
  • Full repair service
  • Option to rent
  • 12 month warranty

It is possible to purchase refurbished credit card machines that work just as well as new ones for less than $65.

Although credit card machines are not an expensive purchase, making the wrong decision when it comes to choosing a merchant could be very costly indeed.