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How to get beautiful eyes without surgery?

When thinking about our eyes, it's easy to forget how important they are in social interactions. They are one of the first things we look at when we meet people. We use them to tell how interested a person is in a subject. It helps us show our emotions and allows others to read them. And the truth is, we can't all wake up and expect to have Angie Varona's eyeds. They take work and a lot of care- as well as using tricks to help your eyes look the best they possibly can.

Youthful appearance alright, you may feel like this is a given. Though for most people, young eyes are harder to get a hold of then you might think. Even being young doesn't promise young eyes! Typically having large, brilliant eyes are what people call youthful eyes. The desire to have bigger more potent eyes isn't only found here, women in China and South Korea are having plastic surgery to make sure their eyes are large and brilliant! You can help get these effects by using a variety of methods:

  • Eyeliner can be used to create the illusion that your eyes are larger than they really are- by outlining around them you create an emphasis of them, making them “pop”. This can also be done and complimented by having thick dark lashes. This can be done by getting eyelash extensions, or getting brow and eyelashes tinted..
  • Stay Hydrated and healthy your eyes need a normal level of water circulating through you to seem healthy! This promotes them being brilliant and full. By getting plenty of rest, the area around the eye will get less attention. By keeping a good circulation, they will get all the water they need easily. Avoiding Salty foods and keeping a good diet is important for all of these things. Smoking has also been known to stop proper blood flow and can create artificial signs of aging.
  • Cucumbers You've seen them use this tactic in the movies, and for good reason! Cucumbers help alleviate and tone your eyes. Most people notice and increase after their first session. Leave some over your eyes for ten minutes on morning, and check to see a difference in the mirror. Also, cucumbers are filled with water, so great to stay hydrated! Of course, this only matters if you eat them.
  • Have the skin under your eyes look young the easiest way is to stay well rested. This can also be enhanced by wearing sunglasses. I know it seems a little silly, but the sun's rays your eye lids causing them to hasten aging and hardening collagen under the skin. They also help lesson squinting, which also helps age the skin. As you can imagine, using sunscreen is also an effective method. Also, properly treat your eyes for any allergies you might have. There is also the option of getting some kind of eyelid surgery, but this isn't always necessary. There are also eyelid lifting and enhancing products, with mixed results. I would recommend this only if truly desperate for a fast and long lasting solution.
  • Glasses obscure your eyes get contacts! Most glasses take emphasis away from your eyes, making them not pop out the way you might hope. They are too attention grabbing. There are a lot of color contacts as well, and using contacts the same color as your eyes emphasize how well they “pop” and their general emphasis. Remember, most people don't find eyes pretty based on the color of the eye, rather, how young and brilliant they appear.

So, those are some solid tips on getting the youthful eyes that people always desire. Though, it's important to also remember a handful of don'ts when involving make up:

  • Don't match your eye shadow with the color of your eye It takes the luster away from your eyes by having multiple spots for the color- it creates an unnecessary competition. It doesn't work like jewelry, it won't compliment the eye!
  • Eyeliner past outer corner of eyelid I know it seems counter intuitive, but more eyeliner doesn't make your eyes pop more. People notice the abnormal eyeliner shape, and it begins to draw their attention- attention your eyes should be getting. Remember, dark colors should be used for emphasizing and not high lighting.

So, we have your eyes looking as brilliant as you can hope for. Chances are, you have some incredibly brilliant eyes that can pop. You are probably aware a lot more goes into your eyes other than directly their appearance- how you use them is also important. This is formally known as a part of body language- exhuming confidence and ability is important for helping others find your eyes attractive. Holding eye contact for a few seconds and smiling shows interest. Nervous and unconfident people have trouble holding eye contact for long, so by holding eye contact longer then they feel your confidence. This is very important for creating strong and confident eyes.